Key points Edit

  • Fat
  • Retarded
  • Mexican
  • Goes to anime conventions dressed as Tommy Vercetti trying to sell 10 minute drawings.
  • Depressed about looks, and with good reason.
  • Didn't know what mixed tapes while still being obsessed with them.
  • Fat

In his own words Edit

"I'm quiet. I got used to being alone. I'm claustrophobic. I either hate you or I'll tolerate you with my sarcasm. You'll usually never hear me bitch about anyone (that didn't deserve it); everyone else does it for me.

For everything else, you're gonna have to ask. Don't worry, I won't bite."

In Jason's own words Edit

8:34:52 PM Jason: i remember him being

8:34:57 PM Jason: obsessed with mix tapes years ago

8:35:00 PM Jason: what the fuck guy

In Ahmed's own words Edit

9:31:15 PM Jason: we can tell one person

9:31:20 PM Jason: and her name is

9:31:20 PM Ahmed: basic

In Long's own words Edit

[16:36] LongeBane: haha

[16:36] LongeBane: that pic of him

[16:36] LongeBane: looks like he was from a westwood college commercial

[16:37] LongeBane: like I can imagine him giving his testimony " I was a nobody at a deadend job and on the bring of suicide until I found westwood college and now I am the most successful man I know"

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